Gymnic Classic Ball (without pump)

GymnicSKU: 70/95.45

Size: Yellow - 45cm


First born of the Gymnic line, this ball is a useful tool to help recovery from neurological and orthopedic pathologies as well as a valuable support in the treatment of muscular dystrophy. Recommended for rehabilitation purposes, pain therapy, strength training, maintenance motor activities, Pilates method, functional and athletic training. - Phthalate-free
Conforms to Directive 76/769/EEC and 2005/84/EC
- Latex-free - Gymnic PLUS-Quality
Made of new homogenous material that prevents sudden loss of pressure in case the ball is punctured with a sharp object
- For applications in therapy, sports and gymnastics - Excellent dynamic performance; also recommended for extreme loads such as aerobic lessons or a sitting ball
Code Size Colour
95.45 max Ø 45cm Yellow
95.55 max Ø 55cm Red
95.65 max Ø 65cm Blue
95.75 max Ø 75cm Yellow

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