Hero 4 Semi-Power Standing Wheelchair

DNR WheelsSKU: 40/LYESB140DR



The Standing Wheelchair is a unique piece of equipment. It allows someone who is normally confined to a seated position in a traditional wheelchair to stand up and stretch out with ease and safety, at any time, in any place.

The standing wheelchair is not just a chair off the rack. Rather, it is a precise-built wheelchair that can help you to become healthier and stronger through repeated standing.

The standing wheelchair is meticulously crafted to your needs. Toughness and durability are built-in so you can expect comfort and flawless performance on a daily basis.

  • proimages/products/Standing_wheelchair/LY-ESB140/FEATURE/LY-ESB140-FEATURE-03.jpgHeight adjustable headrest
  • proimages/products/Standing_wheelchair/LY-ESB140/FEATURE/LY-ESB140-FEATURE-04.jpgAngle adjustable headrest
  • Flip-back armrest
  • proimages/products/Standing_wheelchair/LY-ESB140/FEATURE/LY-ESB140-FEATURE-01.jpgDetachable swing away footrest
  • Anti-tilted side support
  • Anterior/posterior stability mechanism
  • proimages/products/Standing_wheelchair/LY-ESB140/FEATURE/LY-ESB140-FEATURE-02.jpgProtection from falling with support and adjustable knee protector(detachable)
  • proimages/products/Standing_wheelchair/LY-ESB140/FEATURE/LY-ESB140-FEATURE-05.jpgRear wheel with quick release axle
  • Electric controlled standing mechanism
  • Max. capacity: 120 kg
Packing Size (LxWxH): 49.5" x 29.5" x 38"
Overall Depth: 45.5” (115.5cm)
Overall Width: 26.4” (67cm)
Overall Height: 47.2” - 57” (120 - 145cm)
Front to Seat Height: 19.5” - 23.2” (49.5 - 59cm)
Seat Depth: 18.1” - 20.1” (46 - 51cm)
Seat Width: 18.1” (46cm)
Seat to Armrest Height: 9” - 11.4” (23 - 29cm)
Backrest Height: 21.3” - 23.2” (54 - 59cm)
Front Castors: 8"
Rear Wheels: Aluminum, 24" pneumatic tire, regular spoke rim.
Net Weight (with battery): 51kg
Actuator:  Linkan, 12/24V. DC permanent magnetic motor
With Battery: 2.9AH x 12V x 2pcs
Max Loading: 120kg
Warranty:  3 years on frame
1 year for remote control & charger
6 months for battery

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