Hize Wheelchair Seat Riser (Feliz)

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 Wheelchair seat riser is a standing assistance device for wheelchairs with functions of lifting and lowering the seat along with tilting forward movement of a wheelchair using hydraulic pressure.
It helps the elderly or patients with weak leg muscles and joints to stand up and sit easily with a simple control of a lever.

Hize Feliz Wheelchair Seat Riser
Hize Wheelchair Seat Riser (Felize Series)
✓ Reduces fatigue for caregivers when moving patients to or from wheelchair
✓ By adjusting the seat height of the wheelchair, it is possible to align the table
✓ Lessening stress on the knee joint

Suitable for 
✓ Those who have difficulty sitting and standing due to weak lower body strength
✓ Those who had hip and knee surgery
✓ Carers and caregivers who take care of patients in nursing care facilities and at home

Why Wheelchair Seat Riser is different from other devices?
- When the caretaker raises the wheelchair user out of the wheelchair, he/she can comfortably raise it with 50% less force than normal standing up position.
- Possible to stand up from and sit down to a chair without burden on a wheelchair user's knee and back. (Using 50% power of usual)
- If the height of a certain place is too high and unreachable, you can raise the height of the wheelchair by leveling the Wheelchair Seat Riser to move up to the height of that place.

This product is compatible with widths of wheelchairs
Hize Feliz Wheelchair Seat Riser (wheelchair width)
- Remove the fabric of the wheelchair seat and connect FELIZ wheelchair seat riser to the frame

How to adjust the standing assist force?
Hize Feliz Wheelchair Seat Riser (adjust standing assist force) - 7 step weight control (35 - 105kg)
- Move the back of the seat slightly upwards to move the weight control lever to 105kg
- You can lift the weight control ring to 35kg when you pull it by hand

Angle of seat fixing function
- The seat can be fixed from any angle (Max angle: 20°)

How to User Wheelchair Seat Riser (Wheelchair Users)
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How to Use Wheelchair Seat Riser (Wheelchair Users)

How to User Wheelchair Seat Riser (Wheelchair Caregivers)? 
How to Use Wheelchair Seat Riser (Wheelchair Caretakers)
Width of Wheelchair 42 - 47cm
Seat Height Wheelchair height + 3cm
Min Product Size (WxDxH) 45 x 15 x 38cm
Max Weight Capacity 100kg
Method Gas Spring (1,100N)×1
Product Weight 6.5kg
Material Steel, Aluminium
Product of Origin Korea

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