Smartbox Look to Learn + Scenes and Sounds (Expansion Pack)

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Look to Learn: Scenes and Sounds is a collection of 26 activities designed for children and adults starting out with eye gaze. Available as an expansion pack for Look to Learn, this software focuses on interactive scenes, music and sound as well as eye gaze skills activities. As with Look to Learn, each activity is designed to develop a different skill required for eye gaze access. With customisable content and a built in analysis stool, your will soon discover the true potential of the user.

Free activities Why not try Look to Learn: Scenes and Sounds today? Download using the link below and receive 4 activities for FREE.Look to Learn and Look to Learn: Scenes and Sounds can now be downloaded together.
Three New Areas Of Learning
There are 3 new categories of activity in the software that have been carefully designed to further develop eye gaze skills. The new activities have been tried and tested with hundreds of users before they have been released to make sure they are fun and motivating! Look to Learn: Scenes and Sounds also introduces ‘dwell clicking’. This is where the user fixates their gaze on a point to make a selection and is a key skill for accessing The Grid 2 with eye gaze.
Interactive Visual Scenes
Scenes and Sounds

Each of the interactive visual scenes is designed to be fun and engaging to teach and illustrate an understanding of cause and effect. Each scene contains a range of targets each designed to have a unique reaction, helping the user explore and engage with the whole screen.

Interactive visual scenes also provide a useful tool for making cognitive assessments as you can see if the user responds appropriately to instruction. Here are a few ways in which you could use the visual scenes: Scenes and Sounds
Sounds And Music
sounds_strip_600_white The sound and music activities provide a variety of content that enable the user to perform as well as listen. From playing the simple drum kit, guitar and xylophone to listening to the Happy Birds, there is something for all levels of eye gaze ability.
Eye Gaze Skills
Scenes and Sounds

Developing Look To Learn: Scenes And Sounds
Scenes and Sounds

Look to Learn: Scenes and Sounds has been created in conjunction with teachers and therapists from across the UK with a focus on the need for real evidence of the ability of a user. The option to customise some of the content maximises the engagement with the user. The analysis tool creates a heat map to show where the user has looked on the screen during an activity. Heat maps can be saved, printed and used to measure progress and record successes.

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