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Ormesa Dondolino Stander lifestyleStability in motion
Dondolino is a vertical stander for children with special needs with tilting frame, designed and manufactured by Ormesa to help the child acquire the upright position. Using Dondolino in everyday life contexts makes the child’s active participation in the social environment easy, aiding the mobility of upper limbs and head, in line with the individual motor development skills.
Thanks to the three available sizes and a broad range of adjustment, Dondolino can adapt:

  • To growth
  • To the development of individual skills
  • To the bending needs of hips and knees

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Bambino su Dondolino Ormesa e bambina su altalenaPietro is an eleven-year-old boy who has been afflicted with infantile cerebral palsy resulting in quadriplegia since birth. We went to visit him at his home in Valfabbrica, in the province of Perugia, where we were greeted by a whirlwind of energy. Both in indoor and outdoor spaces, the Dondolino proved to be of fundamental importance for enhancing Pietro’s motor, postural and relational skills.

Icona occhio-mano giallaImprovement of coordination and ocular-manual abilities

Icona cuore giallaMore effective blood circulation due to the orthostatic position

Icona polmomi giallaIncreased ventilation and reduced obstructive phenomena

Icona stomaco giallaFacilitation of the peristasis, digestion and intestinal functions 

Icona muscoli giallaAnti-gravity muscle training for effective rebalancing

Icona ginocchio giallaIncreased bone density in the parts subjected to the load (column, pelvis, lower limbs, feet)

Tilting frame
Telaio inclinato del Dondolino OrmesaAdjustable inclination via gas spring for active control of head and torso

Without protrusions
Telaio Dondolino di OrmesaFacilitates torso rotation and freedom of movement of superior limbs in complete safety

Shaped tray
Tavolo del Dondolino di OrmesaMade of birch wood, it is removable and adjustable in terms of height, inclination and depth

Regolazioni dello stabilizzatore Dondolino OrmesaIt can be adjusted using the green knobs, without the need for tools or keys. The clamping system - conceived and produced by Ormesa - ensures a quick and precise lock, guaranteeing the integrity of the pipes

Numbered bars
Dettaglio delle barre numerate del Dondolino OrmesaTo set the postural posture chosen by the therapist in seconds

Pedana del DondolinoAdjustable in height 

Twin Wheels
Ruote del Dondolino di OrmesaThe full pirouetting diameter of 75mm facilitates movement during use

Resilient and smart technology

The Dondolino structure can be adapted to various postural needs. Via a gas piston, it is possible to switch from the upright position to a more pronating position in order to induce the active control of the head and the trunk. Such variations to the alignment can be applied in a completely fluid way even with the child on the frame, without causing pathological reactions due to postural discomfort.

poggiatesta App Multisensorial Standing di OrmesaAdjustable in height, inclination and anteroposterior positioning

Riduttori App Multisensorial Standing di OrmesaTo adjust the pelvic and thoracic circumference to suit more petite users

Click to enlarge the imageOrmesa Dondolino Stander sizes and weight


Size 1

Size 2

Size 3

A: base encumbrance




B: length encumbrance

from 75 to 85cm

from 81 to 91cm

from 85 to 95cm

C: footrest to table height

from 45 to 79cm

from 52 to 90cm

from 62 to 107cm

D: width encumbrance




E: footrest to knee pads height

from 12 to 26cm

from 12 to 36cm

from 14 to 48cm

F: footrest to pelvic support height

from 39 to 59cm

from 47 to 74cm

from 58 to 93cm

G: footrest to thoracic support height

from 51 to 76cm

from 56 to 90cm

from 70 to 110cm

L: circumference of supports




M: user height

from 75 to 100cm

from 90 to 125cm

from 120 to 150cm

P: frame inclination

from 0° to 19°

from 0° to 14°

from 0° to 11°

Total weight




Maximum load




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