Ormesa Mini Standy


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Ormesa Mini StandyYour daily support

The Mini Standy by Ormesa is a vertical stander for children with special needs that ensures excellent verticalization. Its versatility and ease of adjustment render the Mini Standy a safe and comfortable postural support designed to offer the child considerable psycho-physical advantages:

  • Facilitation of the peristalsis, digestion and intestinal functions
  • Muscle and bone strengthening
  • Development of social skills

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A change in perspective: interacting in an upright position
The standing position is essential for the interaction with the physical and social environment, especially for children. The Mini Standy facilitates orthostatic stabilization in the most diverse situations, contributing to the enhancement of personal autonomy in many therapeutic and daily activities. It helps all those processes useful for proper psycho-physical development, opening up access to more educational and relational opportunities. For example, the possibility for the child to play with friends, complete eye and manual coordination exercises, experiment with manipulation activities and do homework in a safe and engaging way.

Icona stomaco bluFacilitation of the peristalsis, digestion and intestinal functions

Icona muscoli bluAnti-gravity muscle training for effective rebalancing

Icona ginocchio bluIncreased bone density in the load-bearing components (spine, pelvis, lower limbs, feet)

Icona occhio-mano bluImprovement of coordination and ocular-manual abilities

Icona cuore bluMore effective blood circulation due to the orthostatic position

Icona polmoni bluIncreased ventilation and reduced obstructive phenomena

Technical Features

Shaped tray
tavolo mini standy ormesa Made of birch wood, it is removable and adjustable in terms of height, inclination and depth. 

Numbered bars
 To set the postural posture chosen by the therapist in seconds

 It can be adjusted using the green knobs, without the need for tools or heys. The clamping system - conceived and produced by Ormesa - ensures a quick and precise lock, guaranteeing the integrity of the pipes

Without protrusions
 Facilitates torso rotation and freedom of movements of superior limbs in complete safety

Innovative and functional design
The Mini Standy is available in three sizes. The multi-adjustable chest and pelvic support, along with ergonomic knee supports adaptable in terms of width, depth and height, permits anteroposterior adjustment according to the degree of control of the child’s torso. Thanks to its extreme versatility and a colourful and attractive design, the Mini Standy is the ideal tool to make therapy as functional as fun.

 Adjustable in height, inclination and anteroposterior positioning.

 To adjust the pelvic and thoracic circumference to suit more petite users

Click to enlarge the imageOrmesa Mini Standy dimensions

Mini Standy Size 1 Size 2
Size 3
A: base encumbrance 60cm 70cm 80cm
B: length encumbrance from 74 to 86cm from 78 to 90cm from 83 to 95cm
C: footrest to table height from 49 to 77cm from 59 to 87cm from 69 to 100cm
D*: width encumbrance 64cm 65cm 70cm
E: footrest to knee pads height from 14 to 26cm from 14 to 32cm from 14 to 42cm
F: footrest to pelvic support height from 41 to 55cm from 52 to 68cm from 62 to 86cm
G: footrest to thoracic support height from 53 to 72cm from 67 to 94cm from 82 to 110cm
L: minimum circumference of supports 60cm 65cm 70cm
M: user height from 75 to 100cm from 95 to 125cm from 120 to 150cm
Total weight 19kg 21kg 23kg
Maximum load 35kg 45kg 55kg