Ormesa Multifunction Table


Size: Small


Innovative design
The Multifunction Table by Ormesa has been designed to create the ideal conditions for training and work activities. Available in three sizes (small for children, medium for kids and large for adults), it can also be used as a complement to devices such as chairs and high chairs.

Its ergonomic and functional structure provides a wide support surface, designed to stimulate and encourage:

  • trunk stabilization
  • the functional use of upper limbs
  • a broad and structured view of the surrounding space

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Security first
The Multifunction Table by Ormesa, adjustable in inclination, is built with a highly resistant material and is easy to sanitize, thanks to surfaces without edges that prevent the accumulation of food residues.
The recessed top, equipped with a safety system that prevents the frontal overturning, is designed to facilitate the support of the forearms and the approach of the person.

Practicality at your service
The Multifunction Table by Ormesa folds down to the size of a briefcase, for easier storage and transport. Its low weight and wide base make it the ideal solution for those who need a functional and practical table, facilitating access to the wheelchair or high chair in any situation.
The feet are made of non-slip material for greater safety, while the frame is painted with epoxy non-toxic powders after antioxidant treatment.

Regulation system
sist.reg.altThe levers allow you to easily tighten the desired height while the internal friction system prevents the accidental fall of the table top

Bookend & pen holder
portalibro-appoggiapennaPerfectly working with inclined surface

Lateral hook
gancio zainoTo store backpacks or bags

Click to enlarge the imageOrmesa Multifunction Table dimensions

Small Medium Large
A 64cm 80cm 80cm
B 63cm 80cm 80cm
C 54cm 61cm 61cm
D from 44 to 57cm from 53 to 77cm from 69 to 108cm
E 17cm 16cm 16cm
F 84cm 104cm 120cm
G from 0° to 60° from 0° to 60° from 0° to 60°
User Height from 75 to 90cm from 85 to 120cm from 115 to 170cm
Total Weight 6.7kg 8.2kg 9.2kg

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