Rebotec Bonn Mobile Shower Commode Chair


  • Product Description

      - Optimal over toilet, beside and shower use.
      - Swing down armrests allow for side transfers with ease
      - Toilet seat with padded removable seat cushion included
      - Removable pail and rail mechanism included
      - Height adjustable, swinging and detachable footrests
      - 4 swiveling castors 125mm with parking/direction brakes
      - Polypropylene frame with long-chain synthetic filler is warm and comfortable to touch.
      - Strong and rigid modern materials with added benefit of shock dissipation with very high strength. No weld joints for rust or microfracture weak points.
      - Seamless joints where dirt and bodily fluids are not trapped.
      - Synthetic thermosetting, perfect for steam cleaning and autoclave at high pressure and all normal cleaning agents.
      - Easily and quick strip down for decontamination makes clearing easy.
      - Reduces cross infection having a fully synthetic frame which doesn’t chip or rust.
      - Very high resistance to wear and finish. Massive long term financial saving, no need to replace. No rust no abrasion damage. 

      Width 56cm (22") 
      Depth 87cm (34.3")
      Seat width 46cm (18.1") 
      Seat depth 46cm (18.1") 
      Seat height 53cm (20.9")
      Toilet-height with bucket device 47cm (18.5")
      Toilet-height without bucket device 44cm (17.3")
      Caster wheels 12.5cm (5″)
      Net Weight 14.5kg
      Capacity 130kg