Relaxer Bubble Tube

RompaSKU: R023272



Visually appealing bubble tube for many passive uses, including homes for older people, doctors surgeries, dentist waiting rooms etc.
This robust non-interactive bubble tube changes between four colours and has a bubble flow control feature.

This product is not compatible with the Rompa wireless switches but is perfect for those who do not want switch interaction.

As this tube is not intended to be handled, a collar is not required.

Size: 1.30mH. Base: 36cm diameter x 12cmH.

Tube diameter 10.5cm.

The unit is powered by a 12V DC power supply, so is not part of the Low Voltage Declaration. The power supply for the equipment is a power adaptor which has an input of 100-240V AC and an output of 12V DC. It is CE marked, double insulated, GS marked and UL listed (E1176177). The product is UK manufactured in an ISO9001 registered organization.

Compatible Products
- Cushioned Platform e.g. 14896 … 
- Acrylic Mirror Panels e.g. 14892 … 
- 20601 - Rapid water change pump (not Pump 20908)
- 20698 - BCB Fluid
Colour Alphabet Fun
Dimensions Height :1.30m
Base: 36cm diameter x 12cmH
Tube diameter: 10.5cm
Power Supply 12V DC
Input of 100-240V AC
Output of 12V DC