Rifton HTS Hygiene and Toileting System

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 Healthier for children.
Simpler for you.
Time and again, research has shown the necessity of good toileting for children’s health. So we designed the HTS with that in mind. Hygienic, simple and affordable, the HTS promotes the positioning that is ideal and natural for effective toileting. Meanwhile its versatility and simplicity – usable on, over and off the toilet, no tools required – make the lives of caregivers better too.

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After my first trial with the Rifton HTS I am very impressed. The degree of support it provides while at the same time allowing for growth in all dimensions is fabulous. I love that the tilting mechanism is infinite and so easy to adjust. Changing seats from mobile to stationary to tub base is incredibly easy. And my clients love how comfortable the padded anterior support tray is. This will now be my go-to commode of choice. Rifton has done it again!"
- Lori Dalcourt, BSc OT
Mississauga, Ontario

The unique design of the optional seat pad opening – open to the rear for larger clients – facilitates clear access for cleaning and hygiene.

The portability kit provides clients with greater independence – and their families greater freedom to travel.

Optional molded foam pads for the back and seat provide comfort for clients and easy disinfecting for caregivers.

Optional gas-assisted tilt-in-space enables the HTS to tilt 5˚ forward for easier transfer and better toileting position, as well as 25˚ back for showering and hair washing.

On. Over. Off. No matter what your toileting situation or special need, the HTS can meet it with its unmatched versatility:
ON the toilet, attached with mounting bars
OVER the toilet, attached to a mobile or stationary economy base
OFF the toilet with a mobile or stationary base and commode pan


Ideal for any child, any toilet, anywhere
Rifton HTS Stand-alone-commodeRifton HTS On The Toilet
ON the toilet, attached with mounting bars
OVER the toilet, attached to a mobile or stationary economy base
OFF the toilet with a mobile or stationary base and commode pan

Rifton HTS Shower Chair tilt-in-space
As a shower chair. By doubling as a mobile shower chair the HTS eliminates the need to purchase separate equipment for each activity. The optional tilt-in-space model tilts up to 25˚ back; the backrest tilts up to 18˚ back; and the headrest is adjustable to provide the ideal showering position for clients of every size, shape and ability.

Supportive and comfortable
rifton hts rolling shower commode chair tilt in space
The maximum support and comfort are provided by the tilt-in-space base option. Its gas-assisted cylinder tilts up to 5˚ forward for easier transfer, as well as 25˚ back for showering and hair washing.

rifton hts rolling shower chair backrest adjust
Additional support is provided by the adjustable backrest (6˚ forward for proper toileting position, 6˚ back and 18˚ back to assist with showering and hair washing).

Grows with the child (or multiple children)
rifton hts toilet chairs for disabled
Which chair is larger?
Surprise: the two chairs in the photo are exactly the same size. One is adjusted to its smallest setting to accommodate a 5-year-old, the other at its largest setting fits an 11-year-old. The HTS fits a wide range of sizes, body types and special needs, allowing room for growth over time or use by multiple children.

rifton hts height adjustable medical commode
Adjust the height.
One frame accommodates both small and medium seats to allow for children’s growth. Height adjusts from 15'' – 21½''. Separate frame for large seat.

rifton hts seat depth adjustment
Adjust the seat depth. The seat depth on the HTS adjusts in 1'' increments to fit the child. Overall depth ranges from 8'' on the small HTS to 17½'' on the large model.

rifton hts rolling shower chair backrest adjust
Adjust the backrest. The backrest can be adjusted 6˚ forward (for proper toileting position), 6˚ back and 18˚ back (to assist with showering and hair washing).

Easier lifts and transfers
rifton hts sit to stand transfer
Lifts and transfers present a major challenge to successful toileting. The HTS makes them easier with a variety of features. Sit-to-stand transfers in and out of the chair provide good practice and strengthening for clients.

rifton hts wheeled shower commode footboard transfer
The durable footboard also enables step-pivot transfers from the front. The weight capacity of the footboard is 150 lbs for all sizes of the HTS.

rifton hts wheeled commode chair lateral transfer
Lateral transfers are simpler as well thanks to the removable armrests.

No tools required
rifton hts adjustments by hand
Like all our products, the HTS is exceptionally easy to assemble, adjust and disassemble. All adjustments levers and buttons are blue. So look for blue whenever you are trying to adjust the chair.

Armrestsrifton hts arm rests

HeadrestsA Rifton HTS contoured headrest.

Lateral Supportsrifton hts lateral supportsrifton hts laterals with chest strap

Hip Guidesrifton hts hip guides

Mounting Barsrifton hts standard mounting bar

Tube Baserifton hts tub base

Butterfly Harnessesrifton hts butterfly harness

Pansrifton hts pan

Deflectorsrifton hts standad deflector

Splash Guardrifton hts splash guard

Abductorsrifton hts abductor

Traysrifton hts anterior support tray

Footboardsrifton hts footboard

Padsrifton hts seat and back pads closedrifton hts seat back pads no holerifton hts seat back pads open

Ankle Strapsrifton hts ankle straps

Bowl Adaptersrifton hts bowl adapter

Calf Restrifton hts calf rest

Push Handlesrifton HTS push handles

Rifton HTS dimensions

Without Angle Converter**diagram showing the tilt of the Rifton HTS

With Angle Converter**diagram showing the tilt of the Rifton HTS

*When the mobile base is in the lowest position and the footboard is fully extended, it may prevent the front casters from swiveling. In this case, either change the footboard angle or raise the seat height to give the casters room to swivel.

**To achieve 15˚ of forward tilt for ease of transfer, order the tilt angle converter, Z169 $47.00. (The range of adjustment will be 15˚ back and 15˚ forward. See reference charts above.)

***The maximum working load for the large HTS foot board is 150 lb.

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