Rifton Wave (Bathing & Transfer)

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Hygiene and health go together.
When we make bathing easier, our clients are healthier. The Wave system has been designed to improve bathing and showering – for the client and for the caregiver.

Responding to requests from therapists and caregivers, we widened these bath chairs to accommodate larger clients. And to protect skin integrity we added generous padding under soft knit fabric.

As well as mounting the bath chair on a tub stand or rolling shower stand we’ve added an ingenious tub transfer base to completely change the way you transfer and bathe large clients. There’s nothing like it.

Download the Wave brochure.

The Wave bath chair is terrific! In the past, lifting a child into a tub has been a back killer, but the new transfer base eliminates this hazard entirely. The casters allowing lateral movement in the tub are a welcome addition, and the fact that I can easily collapse the base and hang it on the wall is a fabulous space saver."
Linda K. Miller, DPT
Queensbury, New York

Unique Features and Benefits
Include these in your letters of medical necessity:

Rifton Wave Bath Chair generously sizedExtra wide seat with open sides, 15" width for small and medium, 17½" for the large.

Large size accommodates adults up to 6'2" and 250 lb.

Rifton Wave with baseCompletely configurable; all sizes of the Rifton Wave fit on any of the 3 base options.

Calf rest adjusts independently of seat angle.

Tub transfer base enables clients to be placed in the bath chair using a mechanical lift and then rolled back and rotated over the tub for showering.

Conversion kit allows user to move up from small to medium size by just purchasing a new back, seat and cover.

Least costly alternative to remodeling a bathroom or assisted living, without resorting to bed baths.

One-hand adjustment
Rifton Wave Bath Chair one hand adjustmentAdjust backrest angle with one hand, keeping the other hand on the client for safety and reassurance.

Full leg support
Rifton Wave Bath Chair full leg supportThe calf rest provides full support for the lower legs. Adjust it independently of the seat by pushing the gray buttons and rotating up or down. It must be installed at the time of purchase.

Highly adjustable
Rifton Wave Bath Chair backrest angle adjustableRifton Wave Bath Chair legrest angle adjustableRifton Wave Bath Chair legrest angle adjustable
Backrest angle, seat angle and calf rest angle adjust individually.

More seat heights
Rifton Wave Bath Chair seat heightRifton Wave Bath Chair flatFor an intermediate seat height, put the rear legs up and front legs down. To get the chair low in the tub, put the front and back legs up. Fold the chair completely flat for storage.

Chest strap
Without lateral positioning
Rifton Wave Bath Chair chest strap without lateral positioningRifton Wave Bath Chair chest strap without lateral positioningThe simple chest strap safely positions the user in the Wave bath chair. It attaches with hook and loop where needed along the full height of the back and buckles securely behind.

With lateral positioning
Rifton Wave Bath Chair chest strap with lateral positioningRifton Wave Bath Chair chest strap with lateral positioningWe designed this chest strap with adjustable lateral straps to give additional lateral support, helping users maintain better trunk alignment in the bath chair. The soft fabric laterals will not get in the way during transfers.

Head blocks

Rifton Wave Bath Chair head blockRifton Wave Bath Chair head block The head blocks provide lateral support and positioning for the user’s head.

Leg straps
Rifton Wave Bath Chair leg strapRifton Wave Bath Chair leg strap
Use the fully adjustable leg straps to position your client’s hips in abduction (or just to provide additional security).

Calf rest
Rifton Wave Bath Chair calf restRifton Wave Bath Chair calf restThe calf rest supports the lower legs. It is strongly recommended when the bath chair is used on one of the stands.
Note: The calf rest must be chosen at the time of the original purchase. It cannot be added later.

Tub stand 
Rifton Wave Bath Chair tub standRifton Wave Bath Chair tub standThe tub stand raises the bath chair either 5½" or 11½" higher in the tub depending on the position of the tub stand legs.

Shower stand
Rifton Wave Bath Chair shower standRifton Wave Bath Chair shower standThe shower stand lets you roll your client into the shower stall at a convenient height for cleaning. Locking 4” casters provide smooth, easy maneuverability

Tube transfer base
Rifton Wave Bath Chair tub transfer baseRifton Wave Bath Chair tub transfer base
Bathing equipment for people with disabilities tends to be big and bulky, taking up far too much space in bathrooms shared by the whole family. Using Rifton’s ingenious new tub transfer base, you can perform healthy transfers without crowding your bathroom with permanently mounted equipment. When bath time is over, the base can be folded up and hung compactly on the wall. 

Rifton Wave dimensions

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