Roho® Contour Select® Cushion


  • Product Description

      Roho® contour select® cushion is recommended for users who may require soft tissue protection and positioning while seated. Contour select® cushion is an air filled, adjustable, cellular design, wheelchair support surface that utilizes dry floatation® technology and is designed to adjust according to an individual seated shape.

      It is recommended that a clinician such as a doctor or therapist specializing in seating and positioning should be consulted to determine if the Contour select® cushion is appropriate for the user’s particular seating needs.

      If you are using a wheelchair with a sling seat, it is recommended to use Roho Contour Base, Roho Planar Solid Seat Insert, or a solid seat platform in combination with your wheelchair cushion for best positioning results.

      Cushion must be properly sized to individual.


      • Adjustable to shape and weight
      • Adds little weight to entire mobility system
      • Cushion can be easily cleaned and disinfected
      • Cover is machine washable and can be disinfected
      • Adjustable to changes in individual’s position over time
      • Neoprene cushion can be patched or repaired to extend use
      • Hydrostatic distribution of load across the entire contact area
      • Provides up to approximately 1.75in.-3.75in./4cm-9cm of immersion

      The product comes standard with:

      • Repair kit
      • Operation manual
      • Hand inflation pump
      • Two-way stretch cover
        Size To fit chair widths 14” to 20”
        Weight Approximately 3 lbs.
        Weight Limit Unlimited (Cushion must be properly sized to the individual.)
        Warranty 24-Month Limited Warranty