ShowerBuddy Paediatric Converter Kit P1

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ShowerBuddy P1 Paediatric Kit 

The P1 accessory converts standard adult chairs to our smallest available size for paediatric and smaller users. 
Fits into model SB3T (ShowerBuddy Roll-In Buddy Tilt in Space Mobile Commode)

This kit contains:
1. New push handle
2. P1 padded backrest with adjustable seating depth
3. Limited recline backrest adjustment
4. P1 neck cushion
5. SCP1-R seat cushion with smallest commode opening
Commode opening dimensions  - Hole 6" (150mm) and opening at front 3" (76mm)
6. A-P1 arms (300mm or 11/8" between them)

Showerbuddy Paediatric Converters P1 allows the chair to be sized to suit a smaller user yet retain the ability to grow with the user saving on expensive chair upgrade costs over time.

With a padded backrest cushion (280mm or 11” wide) that adjusts for seat depth (290mm or 11.5” to 405mm or 16”) and limited recline, reduced width between armrests, (300mm or 11.8”) lower armrests (190mm or 7.5”), smaller commode opening cushion (150mm or 6”) and adjustable padded neck pillow, the Paediatric Converter offers a solution for smaller users needing to transfer. 

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