Spex Swing-Away Axial Lateral Trunk Support




Provides the correct support structure with patented mechanically rotational system.

Struggling to find an effective lateral trunk support solution for wheelchair users that present with complex postures?

The Spex Axial Swing-Away Lateral Hardware, with its patented mechanically rotational system ensures that the user’s trunk is always kept well supported even in the most challenging positions. A well-fitting lateral support will improve balance, posture, and comfort in the wheelchair.

Allowing movement in all support surface planes enables the lateral pad to rotate to correctly align to the user’s trunk, regardless of complexity of posture.

As well as offering width and depth adjustment that all Spex Lateral Supports provide, the innovative mechanism of the Axial Swing-Away enables multi-angular adjustability of the support pad.

Complete your Lateral Trunk Support solution by selecting from our large variety of lateral support pads. The optimum fit to the user’s body shape and postural requirements can be achieved through a range of shapes, sizes, overlays and covers.

Axial lateral mechanisms are provided with a comfy protective sleeve that ensures the user’s arms are protected from any hard surfaces.


The Axial Swing-Away Lateral Supports are multi-adjustable and provide the ultimate positioning for clients with complex postural needs. It’s patented rotational system allows for the lateral pad to be positioned virtually anywhere assuring postural control, balance and improve of function for its users. If gradual trunk alignment is required, the axial lateral supports can be endlessly adjusted for gentle and progressive correction towards neutral.

Style   Code 
Adult Lateral Bracket with Axial Adjustment 1266-2301-100


You can extend the mechanism forward if the backrest foam is thick:



Extends Depth


Deep Contour Bracket Kit



Deep Contour Extended Bracket Kit

Up to 115mm