Sunrise Medical Quickie Q200 R Rear-Wheel Powered Wheelchair

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Quickie Q100R Q200R Power Wheelchair
Q200 R Rear-Wheel Powered Wheelchair
The Q200 R is the next level power wheelchair perfect for outdoor use, whilst still providing a great indoor solution.

The ultra-compact indoor / outdoor entry level powerchair.
QUICKIE Q200 R uses an innovative testing method called SMART base technology. This helped us to understand how geometry changes to a drive base can affect performance, creating a precision-measured TRUE indoor/outdoor powerchair.

From SMART base development the Q200 R powerchair boasts a small footprint of 580 mm wide and 1070 mm long, with a 1700 mm turning circle, so navigating even the tightest of spaces is a breeze.

Going out?  The Q200 provides greater stability to prevent tipping and is ideal for the taller and larger user, with a max. weight of 136kg. Using the Q200 R it’s no uphill struggle, with its larger castor wheels it can tackle any open-air terrain. The Q200 R provides excellent outdoor performance as it easily manoeuvres through uneven and hilly territory with the ability to tackle hills of up to 8 degrees.

Unbelievably light at 98 kg with a fold down back, the Q200 R is also easy to hoist in and out of your car.

QUICKIE Q100 R & Q200 R Powered Wheelchairs base
Smart base technology

All indoor/outdoor powered wheelchairs face the same problem... we solved SMART BASE Technology.
Our vision was to create a TRUE indoor/outdoor powerchair with super-tight indoor manoeuvrability and no compromises on outdoor stability and performance. But how do you design such a finely-balanced powerchair?

A large drive-base means difficulty when manoeuvring in tight environments. Too small and it becomes tippy with a loss of traction. With SMART Base Technology we were able to test 100‘s of configurations to find the perfect combination.

The result is the QUICKIE Q200 R. A legitimately compact entry-level powerchair that delivers the very-best traction, stability and even the ability to climb kerbs of up to 100 mm (4“)

Popping out? The Q200 R is just as at home inside and out. Painstakingly researched, its compact dimensions provide highly-deceptive traction and stability over a variety of terrains, hills and even when tackling kerbs. With a longer length of 1070mm, 580mm width and sporting bigger 14” drive wheels and 9” castors, the Q200 R provides greater stability and traction than its little brother. It’s rugged exterior and extra-muscle comes in useful when riding over uneven terrain.

Don‘t let kerbs get in the way
Need a little assistance climbing obstacles? The Q200 R's low-impact kerb climber will tackle kerbs of up-to 100 mm (4“) at low-speed and even from a standing-start (so your seated position will be maintained whilst transitioning up the kerb).

Never an up-hill-struggle
Indoor/outdoor powerchairs don‘t traditionally cope well with steep gradients - a problem we solved with SMART Base Technology. Precision-testing determined that a 1070 mm base-length on the Q200R provides the best stability to prevent tipping and keep you safe - even when travelling up hills of 8 degrees.

SMART base technology helped to calculate not only the dimensions for a compact base, but also the ideal seated position for maximising traction between the drive-wheel and the ground. Combined with the Q200 R drive-wheel suspension, you‘ll enjoy the kind of safe, smooth and responsive ride that‘s normally expected from a larger powerchair.

The power to get you there
Powered by punchy 55Ah batteries, the Q200 R electric wheelchair loves a spin around town and longer city trips as well as tackling more challenging or hilly terrain. With the stamina to go up to 31 km (19 miles) on a single charge, you‘ll have plenty of time to stop-off for other adventures along the way.

A compact package for easy transportation
The Q200 R powerchair weighs a trim 98 kg, so can be hoisted in and out of your vehicle with ease. Worried about space? With a fully fold-down back and removable legrests/armrests, it‘ll fit snugly in most cars or nicely store away at home.

Ready to roam
Primed for public transport, the intuitive Q200 R powered wheelchair is so compact and manoeuvrable, getting on-and-off trams, buses and trains is a breeze. Prefer to travel by car? The Q200 R can be compactly stored in the boot or used as a seat whilst travelling.

Sit back and relax
The Q200 R seating has been designed to fit you. With plenty of settings and a 5-strap tension adjustable back to meet postural requirements, take comfort in knowing that if your needs change, so can your seat.

Next generation unique technology. Check out new Q700M Series - Tilt / Recline / Standing Powerchair

Seat Width: 380 - 490 mm (15"  - 19")
Seat Height: 470 mm
Seat Depth: 410 - 510 mm (16" - 20")
Seat Angle: from 0°, 3° and 6°
Backrest Height: 500 mm (20")
Backrest Angle: from 0°, 4°, 8° and 12°
Side Guard: from 0-50 mm (0" - 2")
Armrest Height: 230 - 305 mm (9" - 12")
Overall Width: 580 mm (22.5")
Overall Length: 1070 mm (42")
Speed: 6 kph or 10 kph
Battery Size: 55 Ah
Max. Range: 31 km
Seat Tilt: 0° - 6°
Turning Diameter: 1700 mm (67")
Max. Safe Slope:
Max Kerb Climb: 70 mm - 100 mm (with Kerb Climber)
Electronics: VR2
Min. Wheelchair Weight: from 98 kg (incl. 55 Ah batteries)
Max. User Weight: 136 kg
Colours: 4 colours: red, blue, green, black (subject to availability)
Warranty: 2 years on frame, 2 years on components, 1 year on battery

Country of Origin: Europe

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