Superhead Support


Size (Distance between Two Bracket): Medium (36-46cm)


  • Superhead is intended for use as a comfortable head support for wheelchair occupants from junior to adult sizes
  • Compatible with most manual wheelchairs and some powered-wheelchairs (push handles with 22mm or 25mm tubings)
  • Easy to mount, only need to tighten 4 bolts
  • Retains foldable capability of the wheelchair even when the Superhead support attached
  • Detachable fabric cover on head support makes little hassle cleaning when necessary
  • Lightweight and stylish design: aluminum alloy frame + high density foam, the entire weight is only about 1 kg(L size).
  • Height and depth adjustable

How to Install:
  1. How to install Superhead support - step 1Unfold wheelchair first, loosen bolts (B) to allow inner tubes to slide freely. Fit brackets (E) onto the curved part of push-handles, then tighten bolts (A).
  2. How to install Superhead support - step 2Have a person help by slightly pushing rear handles of wheelchair apart, simultaneously adjust center joints as high as possible (in order to obtain adequate support tension for headrest), then tighten bolts (B).
How to Use:
  1. How to Use Superhead Support - Step 1When using wheelchair, unfold wheelchair first, then prop up the headrest.
  2. How to Use Superhead Support - Step 2Conversely when folding wheelchair, first pull down the headrest to release the support tension, then fold wheelchair.
Suitable for Push handles with 22mm/25mm tubings
Medium 36 - 46cm
42 - 54cm

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