Swivel Cushion (Blue)

DNR WheelsSKU: 58/1000



"For my dad who has less agile legs, this product has been extremely helpful in helping him get in and out of cars!"

This brilliant cushion enables you to swivel in and out of your car seat or chair with minimal effort.

- 360 degrees swivel action - twist and turn in any direction
- Prevents hip and back strain
- Durable flexible base
- Slip-resistant bottom contours

Note: Also suitable for cars with bucket seats as the base is flexible enough to fit the form of the seat yet rigid enough to ensure that the swivel function continues to work well.

The swivel cushion is best used together with the Metro Car Handle to aid users in getting in and out of cars.

Diameter:  39cm
Thickness:  4.2cm 
Weight Capacity:  100kg 
Lee K.
Swivel cushion - The cushion is of the right size, well made and above all, works well.
Alyssa S.

Swivel cushion - It was easy to set up and fits well on any car seat. The cushion was also comfortable. Overall it makes transiting from car to wheelchair easier.
Adrian L.
Swivel Cushion Review - For my elderly dad, the swivel cushion is an excellent buy. Recommend for those who have difficulties getting in or out of cars due to their legs being less agile.
mui f.

Very useful Swivel Cushion - It helps my 86 year old parent gets in and out of the car a lot. Needs a couple of trials to get use to it but helps a lot together with the car caddie. Recommended.

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