TENA Wash Glove with Lining

TenaSKU: 85/740500

Packaging: Box (175 pcs)


The soft and thick textured material combines the gentleness of a cloth with the convenience of a disposable glove to provide efficient care for delicate elderly skin in combination with TENA Wash Cream or Wash Mousse.

Versatile skincare
Primarily used for frequent perineal skin care when changing absorbent products for your loved one, TENA Wash Gloves can be used with Wash Cream or Wash Mousse, when soap and water may otherwise dry the skin. Provides effective grip and handling, ideal for full body, in-bed bathing.

Built-in lining
Inner, latex-free plastic lining for extra hygiene.

Gentle and convenient
A soft yet extra strong glove allows you to easily and quickly cleanse your loved one’s delicate skin.

Quick and easy
Disposable, quick and easy to use, TENA Wash Gloves come in a handy box.

Hygienic cleansing
Eliminates the risk of cross infection from reusable towels.
Packaging  175 pieces/box

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