Toothette Untreated Oral Swab - Green (Coated with Sodium Bicarbonate)

DNR WheelsSKU: 85/SG6075-pkt

Packaging: Packet (10 sticks)


- Coated with sodium bicarbonate - Single-use oral swab system - Removes debris and stimulates oral tissue.  Soft foam heads are gentle, even to fragile tissue - Mechanically cleans and refreshes - Mouth Moisturizer effectively soothes and moisturizes lips and oral tissue - With soft foam heads with distinct ridges that lift and remove debris and mucus
10 sticks / packet 

Moisten swab with water or Perox-A-Mint® solution if desired.  Clean mouth for 1 minute.  Instruc to expectorate.  Discard.  Do not allow the patient to bite down on the swab.  Exercise caution with children and unresponsive individuals.

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