Waterless Rainbow Tube

RompaSKU: R022019

Height: 1.57m


Perfect for customers who love bubble tubes but need a water-free alternative! Ideal for environments where infection control is of paramount importance.

- Now includes new 'bubble' effects
- New size available
- Compatible with the Super Interactive Switch Box 17274
- Compatible with our ROMPA wireless controllers
- Includes a remote control to change the effect of Tubes in cushioned platforms

Visual, vibrating and with a gentle sound and opaque tube. With more than 20 light effects to choose from, including static primary colours and moving light patterns. Some effects are calming whilst others are stimulating. The speed of the effect is adjustable. Also compatible with our Wi Fi controllers for interactive, wireless control.
Code Size 
R022019 Overall Height: 175cm
R021475 Overall Height: 182cm

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