Zippie ZONE Paediatric Rigid Wheelchair



Get in the Zone with a lightweight wheelchair designed for active kids
The Zippie® Zone® is an innovative, ultra lightweight, and option-rich pediatric rigid frame wheelchair that is perfect for active kids and teens. Designed for the unique needs of kids, the Zone offers numerous growth options and provides the greatest wheel access for independent mobility.

Growth Capabilities
Growth CapabilitiesOne thing we're certain of is that kids will grow! That's why the Zone kids wheelchair features 3" of depth growth built right into the frame. An extra 2" of depth growth is built into the sling upholstery. To expand frame width, simply replace a few parts, instead of the whole wheelchair frame.

Design Fit for Kids
Design Fit for KidsWith independence comes confidence. Every inch of the Zone was designed to give kids the best possible wheel access for efficient propulsion. With features such as the inset backrest, flip-up, angle adjustable footrest, and hub lock located on the seat rail, kids are able to independently access the wheels, transfer in and out of the wheelchair, and access the wheel locks without interference during propulsion.

Ultra Lightweight Aerospace Aluminum
Ultra Lightweight Aerospace AluminumWhen it comes to pediatric mobility, every pound holds more weight. That's why we used 7000 series aerospace aluminum to make the Zone's feather light frame. Combining this material, our ShapeLoc Technology heat-treating process, and ovalized tubing increases strength, allows for thinner tube walls, and decreases overall weight to create a wheelchair that is lighter, just as strong, and more budget-friendly than titanium.

Colorful Options
Colorful OptionsWe want the Zone wheelchair to be an expression of your child's unique personality. Aside from its super stylish frame, the Zone also has bright options including Zebra and Glow in the Dark frame colors, colored caster forks and axle plates, Spinergy wheels, and colorful spoke guards.

Product Width:

15" to 30"

Seat Width:

8" to 16"

Seat Depth:

8" to 18"

Front Seat-to-Floor Height:

14" to 19"

Rear Seat-to-Floor Height:

13" to 19"

Back Height:

Adjustable: 6" to 8" through 15" to 18"

Back Angle Adjustment:

-27° to 8°

Frame Angle:



Center of Gravity (COG) Adjustment:


Frame Type:


Frame Material:

7000 Series Aluminum



User Weight Capacity:

165 lbs. (75kg)

Product Weight:

14 lbs. (6.4kg)

Average Shipping Weight:

50 lbs. (22.7kg)

Shipping Dimensions:

31" L x 24" H x 24" W

Model Number:





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