6 Exercises to Keep Your Back in Top Condition

Our back is a masterpiece and one of the most important parts of our skeleton. It holds us upright, gives the body stability while at the same time making many movements possible.

On this site you will find exercises for maintaining your health and strengthening your back muscles. Please check with your doctor to make sure these exercises are appropriate for you.


Exercise 1

First thing in the morning (stimulates circulation around the lumbar spine)

While lying down, tense and relax your buttocks and back muscles – your pelvis will rise and fall slightly; repeat seven times.

Exercise 2


Knee to chest (relaxes the back muscles)

While lying down, arch your back – bring your knees up toward your chest. Put your hands around your knees and pull them gently toward your chest. Lift your head slightly. Then repeat the exercise with just one bent knee, alternating legs. Hold this position for seven seconds each time.

Exercise 3


Alternate arm stretch (stretches the spine)

While standing, stretch both arms upward with legs slightly apart and not hyperextended. Alternating your arms, stretch one upward and grasp an imaginary apple. While doing this stretch the corresponding side of the upper body. Important: Keep your head straight and do not stand on tiptoe. Treat your back to this movement at least two or three times a day – every two hours is ideal.

Exercise 4


Neck stretch (for neck tension and migraines)

While standing (with slightly bent knees) stretch out your neck. Hold a bag, for example, as a weight in your left hand. Grasp around the top of your head with your right hand and gently pull it to the right side. Hold each side for seven seconds.If you have neck problems, talk to your doctor before doing this exercise.

Exercise 5


Rotational stretch (to strengthen muscles from the shoulder girdle to the calves focusing on the oblique abdominal muscles) 

Lying on your back, press your right arm and left leg against the floor, lift and bend your right leg, lift your head and shoulder a little and press your left hand against your knee – tense your entire body. Then change sides.

Exercise 6


Full stretch (to strengthen the gluteal and back muscles and to do balance training)

Get down on your hands (elbows slightly bent) and knees – keep your back straight while tensing the abdominal and gluteal muscles. Alternating legs, stretch out one leg behind you, pull up your toes, thrusting your head out to the front (do not lift your leg higher than the horizontal plane). Increased intensity: Extend your left leg back, while putting your right arm out to the front and vice versa. When the motions are done correctly, your leg, back, and arm forms a straight line. 

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