6 Tips on How to Maintain Your Power Wheelchair
It is important to take care of your power wheelchair, just like cars they need to be serviced and well maintained to ensure it operates and runs smoothly.
Here are 6 tips on how to maintain your power wheelchair.

1. Keep It Dry

Keep your power wheelchair dry and away from moisture. If liquids spill on the wheelchair, clean them up right away.

2. Check the Wheels/Tyres Regularly

Make sure wheels are in good functioning order. For power wheelchair with air tyres (pneumatic tyres), check and maintain the tyre pressure; for solid tyres, make sure the tyres have good tread. Replace the wheels/tyres if needed. 

3. Check the Parts Regularly

Make sure bolts and electrical connections are secure at all times. Go to a repairer if something begins to loosen or does not seem right. Refer to the original manufacturers and dealers if you are going to replace the parts as otherwise the power wheelchair might not work or worse damage it.

4. Charge the Batteries

Try not to let batteries drain entirely before you recharge them. Better yet, avoid depleting batteries over 80% as that will damage the batteries quickly. Always keep the batteries at room temperature. Refer to the original manufacturers and dealers if you are going to replace the battery as cheap imitations might damage your power wheelchair. 

5. Listen for Odd Sound

Familiarize yourself with the sound that your power wheelchair makes. If you hear an odd sound coming from your power wheelchair, make sure to check to see what is wrong. Go to a repairer and have it checked before the situation getting worse. 

6. Keep the User Manual

Don’t throw away the user manual. You can keep it in the pocket at the back of the power wheelchair so you can refer when an emergency need arises for it.

Follow these tips will help to maintain your power wheelchair for a longer lifespan. However it is expected that eventually you will have to replace your power wheelchair due to age and tear.

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