Basic Tips to Take Care of Your Wheelchair

Proper wheelchair maintenance is key to ensure the mobility, performance and safety of your equipment.

The maintenance of a manual wheelchair depends upon the model and the type of use it is subjected to.


1. Check the tires
Make sure the tires are still hard. Use the bicycle pump to add air if necessary.
The tires pressure should not too low (it will require greater effort to propel the chair) or too high (it could cause the tires to burst or to wear down unevenly).  

2. Clean any dirt off the wheelchair frame with a damp cloth
Keep water and dirt from getting into the bearings in the front and rear wheels. Do not store your wheelchair where it will get wet.


1. Brakes
Braking efficiency can be impaired by few factors like i) poor placement or incorrectly adjusted part; ii) low tire pressure; iii) wet tires.
Check these points to confirm that your brakes are working properly.

2. Front wheels/castors
Check that the play and angle of the wheel are adjusted enough so that both front wheels touch the ground and can rotate freely.


1. Screws and bolts on your chair
Check the screws and bolts on your chair and tighten any loose ones. Look for screws on the seat back and bolts on the seat, hand rim, x-brace, footrests, front axles, rear axles, brakes, front caster, and pivot (turning point).
Please note that the front caster pivot bolt should be tight but not too tight, otherwise the chair will be hard to steer.

Every year:

Full service - an annual check by an authorized supplier familiar with the product and how to carry out repairs on it.


1. If the seat gets wet, dry it after use. Do not store it while still wet.
Clean the wheelchair if coming into contact with sand or salt as it can damage the wheel bearings.

2. If you want to keep your wheelchair for a long period, cover it and leave it in a dry place that is protected from the sun.
Undertake a complete wheelchair maintenance check before using the wheelchair again.

These steps are very easy to follow and will help you to extend the lifespan of your wheelchair. We also have ours in house technicians who are on hand to offer full service to your wheelchair. 


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Amy Saunders

Amy Saunders

Oh wow! I never knew that inspecting wheelchair tires every day allows us to use it more efficiently as well. My semi-paralyzed neighbor wants to have some private time at the beach this weekend. I’ll let him know about this info so he’ll make the right arrangement later.

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