How to Choose Your TiLite Custom Wheelchair

Here is the guide for you to decide your TiLite manual wheelchair.


Tilite Wheelchair Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I need parts for my TiLite chair: where can I purchase it?
    You may reach out to us at 62544070 for parts replacement. 
  2. How often does a TiLite chair require service or maintenance?
    TiLite chairs should be serviced by an authorised TiLite dealer at least once a year. Your wheelchair should be inspected weekly to ensure all components are tight and working properly. Never use a chair with missing or broken components. Please refer to your owner’s manual or relevant supplemental information for details.
  3. If my chair needs service, who do I call?
    If your chair needs service, you can reach out to us at 62544070.
  4. Where can I view or trial a TiLite Chair? 
    We are authorised TiLite dealer in Singapore. You can come to our shop to view or trial a TiLite chair. Contact us at 62544070 to organise an appointment. 
  5. What is the weight capacity for TiLite chairs?
    A weight capacity of 250 lb. (113kg) is standard for most TiLite chairs. TiLite offers a Heavy Duty option on the ZR, ZRA, 2GX, and Aero X chairs that can accommodate 300 lb. (136kg) to 350 lb. (158kg). Chairs that are smaller than 12″ by 12″ have a 165 lb. (75kg) weight limit.

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