How to Look After Your Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter is an electric vehicle and mobility aid for people who have trouble walking or getting around.

Mobility scooter are typically categorised into the following categories:

To maximise the lifespan of your mobility scooter, it is important to store your mobility scooter in the right environment and check it regularly.


  • Keep your mobility scooter in a clean and dry area
    If you are unable to store your mobility scooter indoors, you must cover it with a waterproof scooter cover.
  • Ensure your storage area has access to a plug socket
    You will need to charge your mobility scooter after every use, so it is imperative that your chosen storage location has an accessible plug socket.


  • The battery needs to be fully charged before its first use
  • Charge your mobility scooter’s battery after every use
  • Charge your battery occasionally when it is not in use
    If the battery is not used, it will decay more rapidly, so keeping it topped up is the best way to keep it functional.
  • Only use chargers that are supplied with your scooter

Wheels and TyresWheel

  • Check your tyres for wear and tear regularly
  • Check tyre pressure regularly


  • Check your mobility scooter’s brakes before every trip
    You should be able to brake gently and be able to perform emergency stops. 

Lights and IndicatorsLight and indicator

  • Check your lights and indicators for any damage or fault

Servicing and MaintenanceService and maintenance

  • Get your mobility scooter serviced annually

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