How to Fit Your Walking Aids

Walking aids include assistive canes (or walking sticks), crutches, and walkers (or walking frames). A walking aid can helps people with:

  1. impaired ability to walk
  2. maintain upright ambulation
  3. improved stability
  4. reduced lower-limb loading
  5. generating movement

How to Fit Your Walking Aids
1. Wear your regular walking shoes to take the measurements.

2. Check your wrist height
Check your wrist heightAdjust your cane or walking stick to the right heightForearm crutches fittingStand in an upright position and relax your arms at your sides. Adjust the handle height at wrist level. 

Adjusting underarm crutchesFor axillary crutch (or underarm crutch), adjust it to the armpit level. Let three fingers space under the armpit. Adjust the handle height at wrist level.

3. Check elbow bend
Positioning for your walking frameCane fittingForearm crutches fittingFitting for forearm crutches Your elbows should bend at a comfortable angle of about 15 degrees for walking frame; about 20 to 30 degrees for cane and crutch. 


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