Why Choose a Custom Wheelchair?

According to study, it is estimated 80% to 90% of wheelchair users do not fit properly in their wheelchair. *1

Standard wheelchairs only able to support users in their initial stages of rehabilitation. When the user wants to become more active and independent, standard wheelchair can limit them because the wheelchair size is not suitable for them, wheelchair is heavy, etc.

The Solution – Custom Wheelchair
A custom wheelchair is designed and built to fit individual requirements. It provides optimum comfort, balance, and posture for the user. Besides, it also increases the wheelchair’s efficiency to maximise the user’s abilities.
Why made to measure wheelchair

Being more than 50% lighter, user is now able to propel, transfer and lift the wheelchair easily, and live an independent and active lifestyle.
Why made to measure wheelchairIndividual Frame Size

Benefits of Custom Wheelchair
BiomechanicsBiomechanics relates to the application of mechanical laws to the musculoskeletal system and locomotion of the human body*4. Biomechanics ensures the correct arm position to maximise push range, maximises wheelchair performance and reduces the risk of injury and fatigue.

Individual Frame Size
The frame is custom made according to individual requirements.

Ergonomic Backrest
Ergonomic BackrestAn ergonomic backrest follows the contours of the spine to match the user’s body shape. It ensures the spine is in the most comfortable and optimum postural position.

Custom Frame Design
Front of Frame DesignThe individual measurements control the space which the legs and feet will be positioned in by using different designs. It supports and places the legs in the most optimum position for maximum comfort and stability.

Individual measurements keep the frame as compact as possible to minimise weight.

Other Options
Footrests, wheels, tyres, castor wheels, push rims, etc.

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 Nurse Linda - Dana & Christopher Reeve Foundation, Apr 13, 2015
*4 McGraw-Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
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