Tips on How to Choose the Wheelchair Back Support
For a person who uses a wheelchair most of the time, the back support plays a key role in optimizing function and independence. A solid wheelchair backrest may accomplish some or all the benefits below:
1. Provide trunk stability and balance
2. Promoting pelvic stability and pressure redistribution to minimize peak pressures
3. Decrease the likelihood of/or progression of postural abnormalities
4. Decrease pain and increase sitting tolerance
5. Promote optimal function, safety, and independence

Below are the steps on how to choose the wheelchair backrest.
Step One: Contour Depth
Contour DepthContour depths determine how much lateral back support and where the best location of the support is needed.

Step Two: Level of Support
Level of supportIdentify the proper level of support the client will need to sit properly and function as independently as possible.

Step Three: Back Support Height
Back support heightDetermine the proper height of the back support.

Step Four: Back Width
Back support widthTake the measurements of the widest part of the back to determine the proper wheelchair back width.

Step Five: Accessories & Additional Supports

Determine if the client needs additional equipment like headrests and lateral thoracic supports to best support him/her.

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