Tips on How to Choose the Right Pressure Relief Cushion

Pressure relief cushions or pressure sore cushions are cushions specifically designed to help prevent pressure sores from developing for wheelchair users. Besides, pressure relief cushions also aid in properly positioning the user in the correct posture.

Using the right type of pressure relief cushion combined with specialist care is vital when caring for someone with limited mobility.

Here are several types of pressure relief cushions:
Roho Contour Select CushionAir cushion

Jay J2 Deep Contour CushionGel/Fluid cushion

Stimulite Contoured XS CushionHoneycomb Cushion

Jay Ion foam cushionFoam cushion

To help in your decision, you can take a short assessment test for choosing the right pressure relief cushion. Click here to find out

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Source: Permobil Roho Cushion

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