Special Seating & Positioning - Convaid Cruiser Wheelchair

The user can finally rest and sleep on her Convaid Cruiser Fixed Tilt Wheelchair comfortably.
Special Seating & Positioning
By providing our customer a proper seating & positioning session, we've achieved our goals of:
😄 Maximize user's comfort
👍 Minimize pain
👍 Correct deformities
👍 Increase functional safety
❌ Prevent further deformity
❌ Prevent pressure injury

Modified convaid cruiserWheelchair configurations:
> Convaid Cruiser Fixed Tilt Wheelchair

> Sunrise Medical Whitmyer Adjust-a-Plush Wheelchair HeadrestsSunrise Medical Whitmyer Adjust-a-Plush Head SupportSpecialty PLUSH wheelchair headrests with posterior and lateral support of the head and neck for clients with unique needs.

> JAY J3 Posterior Back
Jay J3 Wheelchair BackrestJay J3 posterior back provides posterior and lateral stability to users with varying postures and functional needs.

> SPEX Lateral Trunk Supports
Swing-Away action for easy transfersBy adding the lateral truck support, we've corrected the user's asymmetric trunk and a better trunk alignment for enhanced function

> JAY J2 Cushion
The pre-contoured foam cushion design provides optimal stability for the user.

> Bodypoint Two Point Padded Hip Belt
Bodypoint two point padded hip beltThe objective of the belt is to bring the pelvis down and back into the seating system.

We specialise in seating & positioning for persons with special needs. Contact us for a free assessment.
📞 +65 6254 4070

Special seating & positioning

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