Special Seating & Positioning - Sunrise Medical Iris Manual Tilt Wheelchair

We finally see a satisfied smile on his face!
We successfully modified his customized wheelchair to accommodate his seating posture brought about by cerebral palsy.Sunrise Medical Iris Manual Tilt & Recline WheelchairSunrise Medical Iris Manual Tilt & Recline WheelchairSunrise Medical Iris Manual Tilt & Recline Wheelchair

Wheelchair configurations:
> Sunrise Medical Iris Manual Tilt Wheelchair

> JAY Single Foot Box
Jay Single Foot BoxFoot box reduces the risk of skin breakdown and/or client injury that may result from periods of high tone or continual contact with the hangers and footplates.

> SPEX Supershape Back Support
Spex Supershape back supportSupershape® provides an extra supportive wheelchair back solution, with Shape Technology for contouring to provide postural integrity, pressure relief and comfort.

> SPEX Swing-Away Lateral Trunk Support
SPEX Swing-Away Lateral Trunk SupportModular lateral supports provide optimum trunk control whilst improving balance, posture and comfort

> BODYPOINT Pelvic Belt
Bodypoint pelvic beltThis simple-to-use belt with two points of attachment was designed to combine all-day user comfort with effective pelvic support in a variety
of mounting positions.

> WHITMYER A-Plush Head Support
JAY Whitmyer Specialty Plush Wheelchair HeadrestDesigned for use with clients who exhibit poor head control and require lateral support on at least one side to maintain an upright head posture. 

> LACURA Molded Armrest
Lacura Molded ArmrestDesigned to stabilize the elbow and elevate the hand and wrist to prevent edema, contractures and finger drop.

> Custom Made Abductor (Pommel) / Medial Thigh Support
Custom made abductor (pommel)It is used to maintain the legs in an abducted position. This is important to prevent excessive knee adduction, which can cause an improper seating position, pressure sores, hip displacement, or other physical problems.

> Custom Made Padded Restrainer Straps for Armrest & Footrest
Custom made padded restrainer straps for armrestCustom made padded restrainer straps for footrest

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Special seating & positioning

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