The Best Gel Cushion: JAY Cushion
JAY wheelchair cushion is designed to stabilise the pelvis, protect the skin from the risk of breakdown, and position the body, JAY’s comprehensive range of wheelchair cushions are highly comfortable, lightweight, low maintenance and can accommodate a wide range of mobility seating requirements.

The three main features of JAY cushion:
Lateral Stability
The ability of the cushion to support the pelvis and maintain its current position as the upper body moves forward through the coronal plane, as well as its ability to assist in preventing the pelvis from sliding forward along the cushion during such activities as foot propulsion or weight shifting.

Forward Stability
The ability of the cushion to promote a neutral pelvis during an upper body forward motion as well as its ability to assist the pelvis maintain neutral as the upper body returns to its home position along the coronal plane.

Pressure Management
The ability of the cushion to distribute loads across the entire sitting surface and to conform to bony prominences while equalizing pressure in surrounding areas.

JAY Cushion Comparison Guide
Jay Cushion Comparison

How to Choose the Correct Cushion Size
Measurement Guide
Jay Cushion measurement guide
Width: Measured across the front of the cushion, at its widest point.
Depth: Measured from the front to the back of the bottom of the cushion, at its longest point. (*If back post notches are present the Depth is measured to the front edge of the backpost notch.)
Height: Measured from the center of the femoral trough, where the femurs are loaded.

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