The Best Air Cushion: Roho Dry Flotation Technology
Based on over 45 years of research and individual experience, ROHO® DRY FLOATATION® Technology provides unparalleled performance in facilitating blood flow by fitting and matching the shape of an individual.

is the worldwide leader of seating solutions to prevent and treat pressure injuries including deep tissue injury while providing skin and soft tissue protection.

The Four Principles of ROHO® DRY FLOATATION®
Roho Low Surface TensionLow Surface TensionThe ability of the surface to easily yield upon contact.

Roho Constant Restoring ForcesConstant Restoring Forces Fluid flotation provides even and constant forces at all points of contact.

Roho Six degrees of freedomSix Degrees of FreedomThe freedom of movement in all directions.

Roho Low Shear and FrictionLow Shear & FrictionFriction acts to impede motion. Shearing occurs when opposite but parallel forces meet.

Source: Permobil UK

Below are the measurement instructions on how to choose the correct Roho cushion size:
Roho Cushion Measurement Instructions
Roho Cushion HeightCushion height - The height of the cushion without load and without possible edging or seat shell. The point of departure is a normally inflated cushion. 

Roho Seat WidthCushion width - 
Cushion width measured from edge to edge without load.

Roho Cushion DepthCushion depth - 
Cushion depth measured from edge to edge without load.

Roho Cushion WidthSeat width - 
The appropriate seat width for using the cushion.

Roho Seat DepthSeat depth - 
The appropriate seat width for using the cushion. 

Roho Effective HeightEffective height of DRY FLOATATION® / AIR FLOATATION™

Spacing between the lower portion of the body and the top of the seat cushion or mattress. The effective height of DRY FLOATATION® (height for AIR FLOATATION products with AIR FLOATATION™ technology) makes assumptions regarding the depth to which the body sinks into the cushion. The deeper, the greater the contact surface and the lower the pressure per cm2 of skin.

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