6 Tips on How to Keep Your Knees in Top Condition
Running, walking, jumping, climbing stairs – we rarely pay attention to our knees when they are healthy and work without pain.


On this site you will find special exercises that will help strengthen your muscles, and bracing suggestions for use, both prophylactically and for treating illness or injury. Please ask your doctor if these exercises are appropriate for you.


Exercise 1


Exercise for relieving the joint

Please lie on your back. Using only the leg that requires strengthening, pedal in the air while keeping the other leg still. Always extend and flex your leg completely. Repeat five times pedaling forwards and five times pedaling backwards.

Exercise 2


Exercises to stretch the muscles used for bending your legs

Please lie on your back and keep one leg outstretched on the ground. Raise the other leg until it is at a  90° angle with your hips. Keep your thigh in position by holding a towel round it and raise your foot until the leg is vertical; the heel should be pushing towards the ceiling. You will feel a pull in the hollow of you knee.

Exercise 3


Exercises to stretch the muscles used for bending your legs

Sit with legs outstretched in front of you. Point your feet upwards and press the hollows of your knees firmly downwards. Try to reach the tips of your toes with your hands. Hold this position for ten seconds and repeat the exercise ten times. You will feel the muscles at the back of your legs pulling.

Exercise 4


Muscle-strengthening exercises

Sit on an upright chair and grasp a towel between your knees. Now press your lower legs and knees firmly together and maintain this tension for about five seconds, before sitting relaxed again for ten seconds. Repeat five times.

Exercise 5


Muscle-strengthening exercises

Sit on an upright chair and grasp a thick book between your feet. Raise the book by extending your knees. Hold this position for five seconds, before lowering your feet. Repeat five times.

Exercise 6


Muscle-strengthening exercises

Sit on an upright chair. Raise one foot up with the leg outstretched. Lift your thigh slightly off the chair. Raise the leg alternately with the inner edge of your foot then with the outer edge upwards. Do five sets, repeating the exercise five times on each side.

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