What You Need to Consider Before Purchasing the Right Commode

What is Commode?

A commode or commode chair is a type of chair used by someone who needs help going to the toilet due to illness, injury or disability.

Why Need a Commode? 

Independently getting to the bathroom can be difficult for those with disabilities or limited mobility. A commode is a safer alternative that can help them go to the bathroom independently, without a caregiver's help and maintain their dignity. 

A Commode Is Suitable for Those Who:

  • Are bedridden
  • Have limited mobility
  • Have a high risk of slipping or falling
  • Are incontinent
  • Are recovering from an injury, disease or surgery
  • Are recovering from a stroke

What You Need to Consider Before Purchasing A Commode?

1. Weight Capacity

Confirm that your commode of choice can safely support your weight.

2. Height Adjustable

Select a commode that is height adjustable allows you to set the commode to a height that is most suitable for your individual needs.
Your commode should be at a height that makes sitting down on, and getting up from it feel comfortable and natural. 

3. Seat Design

An open-front seat makes cleaning easier, while a closed front is more supportive for the legs. Besides, some commodes have padded seats for comfort and to reduce pressure.

4. With Wheels or Without Wheels

If the user has the ability to push themselves, a self-propelled shower commode with large wheels would be a great option. If the user require a caregiver's help, choose a commode with a push handle for easy manoeuvring.
If the user only need a commode by their bed at night, a commode without wheels will work just fine.

5. Foldable

Some commodes can be folded up into a more compact size so that you can transport it elsewhere with ease. A foldable commode can also be stored away when not in use.

6. Material of The Frame

Most commodes are made of aluminum, stainless steel or healthcare-grade PVC which is easy to sanitise. Commodes designed to go in the shower should be corrosion resistant.

7. Type of Armrests and Footrests

A flip back armrest and swing away footrest allows user to transfer easily from bedside to chair. 

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